Dear Trans* and Allies




Do not call me “cis”. I am not cis. I am female without a gender identity, as are most “radscum”. We think gender is bullshit performance and not much else. 

you’re aware that qualifies you as non-gender, a form of Trans*, right?

I’m trans? So I have to get a “Die Cis Scum” tattoo now?

If you want one. It really depends on whether or not you like tattoos.

Die. Cis. Scum. is actually a hyperbolic statement since a) it’s actually only targeted at cissexists such as yourself (let’s face it you’re not really non-gender or you’d actually face discrimination for not having a gender identity. That’s just your cis-privilege talking.) Cis people have never actually faced violence or even discrimination because of their Cis-ness.

It’s kind of like the n-word vs honkey/cracker/whitey/etc. It doesn’t have the same sting to it because no one was ever killed for being a “cracker” or whatever. No white person is ever going to get an autonomic fear response to the word “honkey” thinking that’s the last word they’ll hear before they die. This is the same for Cis people. Yes women face violence from men but trans people face much more violence from Cis people and attempting to place trans people higher on a scale of privilege based on an a biological essentialist view of gender and sex ruins your argument that your fighting the patriarchy.

And don’t pretend that you aren’t hating on trans people because i saw that post you made making light of trans erasure (the google translate one). If you’re going to be transphobic stop posting to the #trans tag. It’s not your tag to post to and we don’t need your cissexist bullshit.